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What Clients Say About FurlifeVets

Katherine Grupinski
We had the most amazing experience at FurlifeVets. Hands down would recommend them to anyone, especially if they have an anxious pet. Everyone was so personable and welcoming. The rooms are set up like living rooms to help reduce anxiety, and they offered my dog lots of treats and toys. My dog was super anxious going in and left much calmer. We will never go to another vet as long as we live in Boca!
Nellie Milano
I was so surprised this was my little guy Toby's first vet visit to Furlife Vets and his first experience going, there was wonderful he felt right at home everyone there was so wonderful to him. It’s like he adopted another family and the vet was so great with him. He wasn’t even nervous or afraid he showed no fear because everyone was so friendly, and so nice to him, I never seen a vet to get onto the floor with your pet and examine him and play with him. This was the first experience that I’ve ever had like this so I would recommend anyone to go and bring their animal there. I felt like they were family because they made me feel so welcome with Toby also, he was so comfortable being there that he didn’t want to leave I never seen a vet to get onto the floor with your pet and examine him and play with him. This was the first experience that I’ve ever had like this so I would recommend anyone to go and bring their animal there. I felt like they were family because they made me feel so welcome with Toby. The funny thing about it he didn’t want to leave , he was so comfortable and he sat on that chair that they had in the room with his toy and he did not want to go home. This is how wonderful this place is. I really recommend Furlife Vets I want to thank everyone who helped to take care of my Toby.
Andreza Pereira
I can’t speak highly enough of this clinic and their incredible staff. From the moment I walked in, the warmth and care they showed towards both my baby girl and me were amazing. The vet and the entire team create such a welcoming atmosphere that immediately puts you at ease. I was also very impressed with how they do everything in front of you, making me feel more involved and comfortable!! Their genuine concern and expertise truly make this clinic outstanding. Highly recommend!!
Sutton Harris
This is the best vet we’ve ever been to Our pup sparky was fit in urgently, ultimately undergoing emergency surgery, and the team was amazing. They supported us from the first interaction, communicated so efficiently, and even took care of getting Sparkys records from our other vet (we live out of state). Sparky is already profoundly nervous at the vet and immediately was more comfortable with them. They took so much time explaining everything they were doing and why, and we felt reassured by their expertise. We were able to stay with him for nearly everything, and had a great experience despite the emergency situation. They even stayed late to make sure sparky was feeling 100% before going home. He is resting safe and sound at home thanks to them, and we will be forever grateful!
Karyn Feit
Yesterday was our first visit at Furlife Vets and we were thoroughly impressed. They did everything to make my dog Rosie comfortable there including giving her treats and a whipped cream treat with a pic at the end! Both the vet and the tech were extremely helpful and took a lot of time with us to explain everything that was going on. Truly, it felt like a concierge service and I loved that they made the little rooms comfy for the dogs and people. No cold medical tables. The vet got on the floor with Rosie and did the exam where she felt most comfortable. We will certainly be back and highly recommend!
Amanda Lage
Had such an amazing experience at FurLife Vets!! Staff speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English. I got my Pomeranian neutered there and it was the best choice I’ve made! Dr. Jesus and his wife were extremely patient and walked me through the whole process. They genuinely care about your pet and so does the staff! They called to check in with my dog, always prompt to answer any questions and concerns! The clinic is gorgeous and does not feel/look like a regular veterinary hospital, it makes you feel at home!! They are a Fear Free hospital and it everything is designed to lower the pets anxiety and stress!! The exam rooms feel just like a living room and made my dog feel super comfy! Completely loved it :))
The best customer service in Delray! As soon as you walk in the clinic it is warm, inviting, & clean. The staff go above and beyond to make not only your pet feel comfortable but you as well. They give detailed explanations, don’t mind if you ask multiple questions, & provide necessary knowledge so when you leave, you are properly prepared to care for your pet. We drive out of our way to bring our fur baby here because it is hands down the best vet clinic we have experienced. There are no words to describe how wonderful Dr. Jesus & his staff are.
Stacy Grigoryev
I’m so happy I found fur life vets! They took us in last minute after our cat was attacked by a dog and made sure we were well-informed throughout the entire process. They let us watch as they helped tend to our cat’s injuries. They’ve been nothing but supportive through this difficult time and it is incredibly reassuring to watch their knowledgeable and capable team at work. They go the extra mile to make sure both you and your pet get the best possible care.
Samantha Fleisher
The best experience I have ever had at a veterinary office. The whole team was super attentive, friendly, warming, and genuinely cared about my dog. Dr. Jesus and the team nursed my dog back to health and also provided many ideas/tricks for the future to prevent it from occurring again. On top of having a spectacular experience, the facility was extremely clean and comforting. I do not like going to the vet, just as much as most animals do not like going to the vet, but I loved it here! Absolutely recommend.
Berta Lopez
I brought in my 10 month old Cockapoo yesterday as he has been having some stomach issues. After looking thru so many places to take my baby I just didn’t like the other places or as their reviews. However I came across FurlifeVets and let me tell you from the moment I saw the pictures and reviews I was like this is the place!! I do not regret being my baby to Dr. Jesus the moment we came thru the door the staff had such a great costumer service not only to me but for my baby! The room they take you too is like being at home so modern and cozy my baby was spoiled. We love Dr. Jesus and his staff they are officially my Teddys primary vet!! Do not hesitate in coming. I 100% recommend this place to anyone that is looking for a place for their fur babies!! We Love FurlifeVets!!
Jade Gaona
I can’t say enough great things. My pup is 4 months old and they are incredible. Feels like a family there. Everyone is so nice and accommodating.
Carlos Torres (CJ)
This place is like no other vet center. I have never felt so ‘at home’ visiting a clinic. Patricia, Jesus and the whole staff were all so welcoming, and my dog Kenya was treated like a queen. I’m so happy I switch to this amazing place.
Amy B.
I wish we could give ten stars instead of five! Dr. Jesus and every single staff member demonstrates the highest level of skill and heart, in every single visit. Our dog broke a bone in her front paw, and they have provided the most thorough and loving care each step of the way. Unlike our previous vet, we don't feel like they are padding the bill to maximize their revenue; rather, despite it being an expensive situation, we've been pleasantly surprised compared to our biggest financial fears. We have been calling daily for guidance and unexpected challenges, and we are never met with anything but the utmost concern and reassurance. Furlife is the best!
Lisel Balk
Thorough amazing and patient. Love this vet Dr. Jesus knows his stuff and is very detailed. They are amazing and treat you like family.
Surfing Ninja
The office is immaculate. The staff and veterinarian took the time to bond with our Frenchy, before treatment. Love the office, love the staff, love the veterinarian. Highly recommended!
Stewart Foreman
Very professional. Take time to listen and explain. Staff extremely helpful and pleasant.The doctor is very knowledgeable and he doesn’t rush you. Would recommend this office highly
Secily Selert
Can’t say enough positive things about Furlife, Dr. Jesus, Morgan and the whole team. They truly care about your pets and go above and beyond to make sure both you and your pet feel supported and welcome. We joke that our dog fakes sick just so he can go see his friends at Furlife because he loves it there so much. They are kind, knowledgeable and are always willing to make time for you even on short notice. I’m so grateful we stumbled upon this place when we got a new puppy this year and I recommend them to anyone with pets. Our puppy gets into everything so we have already had a lot of visits over the last few months and every time they were able to quickly diagnose him and get him fixed up immediately. If you’re looking for a vet, look no further!!
Christine P
Furlife vets is amazing and 5 stars is truly deserved. We took our dog Rosie there after learning about them from our awesome trainer (Moca Paws) because our pup is afraid to go. Rosie was comfortable the entire time and made friends with everyone that worked there. Normally we have a hard time getting her through the door and my food motivated dog will not even take a treat from the technicians. Here is the other great part - this 5-star experience does not come with a higher price tag than our other vet visits! I felt like everyone truly cared for Rosie and our family as well. Thank you!!!
Wolf German
Thank you Furlife Vets for making the nail trimming of me and my Mother's Affenpinschers (monkey like dog in German) a fear free and loving experience! Although we were happy with our previous vet, who always took good care of our Affenpinschers, he sadly hasn't been practicing. On the recommendation of many of our friends, we decided to give Furlife Vets a try and it was a fabulous decision! Upon entering, one will find Furlife to be immaculate and definitely not like any other vet office you have been to, with ample plush couches to wait, a large front desk, and warm lighting, it feels more like a nice hotel than a veterinary office. Patricia, who is a sweetheart and one of the co-owners of Furlife along with Morgan, one of the Vet Techs. Again, the room where we were escorted was not like any other vet, due to the lack of a table but rather, a plush couch where sat with our fur babies and a basket full of toys. One thing we loved about Furlife in contrast to other vets we have used was that we were able to be in the room while our dogs were being treated, a major factor in putting them at ease. When it came time to treat our dogs, Patricia and Morgan won them over by giving them treats and swaddling them in a special blanket as they were having their nails trimmed. Our dogs demonstrated no fear, with even the most timid of our dogs letting their nails be worked on and the end result was excellent, as their nails were trimmed much better than at our previous practice. We also met Dr. Jesus Aramendi DVM and the other members of the team, who were wonderful and made us and our fur babies feel right at home! In addition, they have a facility with all of the latest in veterinary technology to keep your fur babies at their healthiest during their treatments. If that is not enough, at $25/dog for a nail trimming, the prices were more than fair for the quality of work and from what I saw, the prices of other services were in line with our former vet and other vets in the area. Thank you to Patricia, Dr. Aramendi DVM, Morgan, and everyone of Furlife Vets for a top notch veterinary experience!
Wow what an amazing experience. Jesus and Patricia and their whole team are incredible ♥️ My dog hates vets, but by the time he left, he was actually playing with them and running back to the hospital himself. On his first visit! Everyone has been accommodating and most importantly, we felt like they really care. They customized our experience and they took their time with us. It felt too good to be true. The place is beautiful, clean and cosy. By far the best vet experience we have had in Florida 🙂
Hayley Thompson
Looking for a Veterinarian that treats you and your pet with compassion and respect? Look no further. I was recommended a “fear free” clinic for my nervous kitty and that is when I found Furlife. I did not know what to expect when it came to a fear free clinic, but I have to say, I am impressed! There is a separate entrance for cats and dogs, and they do all that is in their power to ensure a calming “spa like” experience for your pet. Dr. Aramendi even gave me a behind the scenes tour of where my cat would be while she was undergoing her procedure! That is unheard of with any other clinic. Everything was clean, and I feel like I received VIP service, but I am confident they treat all of their clients this way. 11/10. Thank you Furlife!
Jill Eisner
We can’t thank Furlife Vets enough! We had an amazing experience there when my dog was experiencing pain. The staff is so incredible and warm! Dr. Aramendi was so patient, caring and thorough. We are so thankful for this practice!
Myrna G.
Just came home from Furlife Vets. I have never had such a wonderful experience going to a vet. I've had pets for 65 years, and this practice is the best I've ever seen. It was so comfortable and calming for both my dog Charlie and for my husband and I. The staff was supportive, patient, and comforting. Dr. Aramendi was knowledgeable, soft spoken, and kind. The vet tech Morgan was outstanding, she went above and beyond. I highly recommend Furlife for the life of my furry love.
Petrina Skutta
Dr Aramendi and the entire staff took such great care of Pepper. Pepper has anxiety and was shaking at first but by the end of the visit he was running and chasing a tennis ball playing with Patricia. Dr Aramendi created a health plan for Pepper right away and showed Pepper so much love and attention that while awaiting test results Pepper snuggled up where Dr Aramendi was sitting. The staff took such great care of him and I. If you want a diff vet experience and want your pet to not stress going to the vet then this is the place to be! Highly recommend.
Amanda Lage
Had such an amazing experience at FurLife Vets!! Staff speaks Portuguese, Spanish and English. I got my Pomeranian neutered there and it was the best choice I’ve made! Dr. Jesus and his wife were extremely patient and walked me through the whole process. They genuinely care about your pet and so does the staff! They called to check in with my dog, always prompt to answer any questions and concerns! The clinic is gorgeous and does not feel/look like a regular veterinary hospital, it makes you feel at home!! They are a Fear Free hospital and it everything is designed to lower the pets anxiety and stress!! The exam rooms feel just like a living room and made my dog feel super comfy! Completely loved it :))
Javier Lopez
Furlife Vets embraces the true customer-centric care and quality of service our extended family members deserved. Dr. Aramendi and his staff are making a difference on their stress free approach with latest innovations of vet care. They make you feel at ease the moment you walk in the doors and whether your are greeted by Patricia co-owner or any of their wonderful staff. My miniature puddle was relaxed and calm as Dr. Aramendi did a full checkup and blood test with such gentle care that was pain free to my dog. I highly recommend Furlife Vet to anyone who is looking for an amazing and differentiate experience for your pets.
Viktória Kálij
I’m so glad that we found this place. It’s a fear-free certified vet office where everyone does their best to make all examinations and tests as pleasant and force-free as possible. The team was very kind, and they treated my fluff gently and with love. Also, I was amazed by their excellent and outstanding customer service. Thank you all, I really appreciate everything you as a team did for us today!
Henry Aruca
A unique veterinary experience like no other. Pet and client centric approach to petcare. Everything is done to ensure the comfort of the pet and the comfortability of the owner. Beautiful top-notch facilities and caring team. Every vet should provide this level of care to their community! Go visit them to learn more! #furlifevets #vetsfurlife
Sheryl C.
We had an amazing experience from the ease to switch vets, to our first appointment scheduling and paperwork, to the care and love we received walking in the door, throughout the appointment to the post appointment communication. They truly value our pets and strive to make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. Plus the office is beautiful
Jan D.
Amazing experience from start to finish. Scheduled us same day to address our concerns. Minimal paperwork. Warm and inviting atmosphere- no sterile exam tables and cabinets in the rooms. Staff and physician spent over an hour with us reviewing our dogs records and providing a solid game plan for future care. Shout out to Dr. Aramendi, Patricia, Morgan and Petrina. Will definitely be using them going forward.
Lisa Cole
We have had a hard time with our dog Watson over the past year since we moved across the state. We never had issues with vet visits or grooming. We had been through 2 vets, & 4 groomers... it got to the point where professionals couldn't help us. I Googled Fear free vets and thats how we found Furlifevets. My husband took our dog to the appointment when I was out of town -and he told me more about that visit than he does our two year old daughters medical checkups:) the vet spent time understanding our dog and providing advice to my husband. I came home to a dog with nails clipped, mats gone, ears uninfected- all thanks to the doctors at furlifevets!
Leyla Cabezudo
Great customer service my furry baby loved them very knowledgeable overall I will give them 100 stars but google only allows 5 thanks for taking care of my baby
Dr Tygue Arvidson
Our experience with Furlife has been the best experience of any veterinary clinic we've ever been to, period. Furlife has a warm, inviting, and comfortable environment. The care they provide is compassionate and explained very well for easy understanding. Dr. Aramendi goes above and beyond, and the team is wonderful and supportive. If the qualities you look for in a veterinarian include outstanding clinical skills, fantastic interpersonal skills, and an atmosphere where you and your furbaby will feel at home, look no further than Furlife.
Hailey Arvidson
I cannot recommend Furlife Vets enough. They are compassionate and truly do their best to make sure you are getting answers when you are in a difficult situation with a sick animal like we were. Their service was above and beyond, the staff is incredibly personable, and Dr Aramendi is a top notch veterinarian. Thank you Furlife for helping equip us with the information and care we needed in a tough time and being such a fantastic support system for Kloe.
Animal Rescue Force of South Florida
We are a local animal rescue who took in a recently surrendered cat. He was in decline and needed immediate attention. Furlife Vets was recommended by a neighbor who had high praises for them. We called and they said to come in right away. We were grateful for their care and attention to his needs. Dr. Aramendi and his staff were so comforting and honest with test the test results and treatment plan. They were thoughtful about us being a 100% volunteer rescue. We look forward to recommending their care to our adopters and collaborating on future awareness opportunities.
Marlyn D
The facility is state of the art, private rooms, great ambiance, staff very friendly and attentive. The Vet? Awesome, very knowledgeable, professional and treated my Rosy, Boston Terrier mix puppy like a queen. He was petting her while we discussed our concerns. Prices are reasonable i was given a tour and noticed they do not have cages. They have suites temperature regulated. I felt very comfortable There and so did Rosy. I rate Furlifevets 5 stars.
Suzanne Spanbroek
I am so happy that I found this vet! Don't get me wrong. I've gone to other fabulous doctors in the past but this facility is unlike any I've been to before. I've always had a confidence in the majority of the doctors I've seen with my animals because I only go to ones that are well recommended but this facility is animal centric. My cats were so comfortable. It was shocking how they were not nervous at all whatsoever because of the surroundings. It was beyond clean but there were cat scratchers, and wall climbing apparatus, and places for them to hide and explore, as well as a really nice comfortable chair for them to snuggle up with me on. I don't think I can say enough things about this place as well as their fabulous staff. I wish I could add photos so you can see how comfy my baby's were....I brought three cats with me to one visit
Blake Panichella
The nicest and most caring vets I have ever been to. They care and explain all the results and options available. The entire staff is friendly and caring as well, and personal follow ups.
Iana Dontcova
Love love love this beautiful place! They were able to fit me in with no wait on a Friday with my Boston terrier who hurt his arm jumping. The place is so gorgeous, my pup felt at home and had absolutely no anxiety like in any other clinic where everything reminds of a hospital setting. Furlife vet felt like a doggy Ritz Carlton and same prices as other vets in our area. My pooch got a free brand new ball to play with while waiting for the doctor, I got the best cappuccino in my life. Just a 5 star service. Everyone was so attentive, sweet and nice and you see right away everyone starting from front desk assistant, nurses and doctor really DO care! The veterinarian Jesus did an outstanding job performing a physical exam and understanding what was going on with my poor baby. They then prescribed medications for him to feel better right away with no waiting period as he was in excruciating pain. I can’t thank Furlife vet enough for just being the best! We can’t wait to be back for a follow up!
Susan Mielbrecht
Thank goodness my dog Pippa and I stopped by to check out Fur Life, a couple of weeks ago, because we needed a new vet, because when Pippa had an emergency we rushed there and they saw her right away and now she is good as new thanks to Dr. Jesus and staff. The facility is clean and beautiful state of the art in all respects. The staff is wonderful. And Dr. Jesus is so through. Best vet I've ever had for my Fur Friends
Monica Bernaducci
Very clean office and waiting room with a comfy couch for you and your pet. Doctors and vet assistant’s made my dog fear free by getting down on the floor with her and offering tasty treats. Very happy with everything.
Alena Dmyterko
We took our cat Luna to Futlifevets due to her suddenly feeling unwell. Dr. Jesus did a thorough check on her and made her feel better in no time. He gave us great recommendations that actually worked for Luna’s appetite and hairball issues. Everything from the initial response, care and follow up is five star experience! I can tell everyone on the team at Furlifevets loves animals, loves what they do and goes above and beyond in their job. Facilities are also beautiful, welcoming and clean. This is our vet for life now!
Holly Eiber
The veterinarian and the staff were absolutely wonderful with my dog who was in extreme pain. They answered every question we had, and insisted we bring her in right away when we told them what was going on. Our dog had never been seen by this vet before but we were extremely pleased. I had initially contacted our old vet which was 45 minutes from our home and whom we had been going to for 32 years and he couldn’t get my dog in. to be seen. Needless to say that was the end for us. We will keep using fur life
Carlos Salvioli
So relax and calm for pets, Never feels like in a veterinary. Highly level of professional in this clinic.
Aura Margie Austin
I found the staff very pleasant and the vet was so good with my new puppy. The vet clinic was so clean that it didn’t feel like this is where animals come for care. Some hospitals are not as
James B
This place is amazing! Super classy…super professional…this group is on top of their game! If you live in Boca/Delray and you are not going to Furlifevets your missing out!

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